about the repco group

We value competitive pricing, product
quality, delivery reliability, effective &
efficient logistics, and in general to
providing a high level of service.


We have experience in many different product fields such as Toys, Arts & Crafts, Gifts, Premiums, Furniture, and Consumer electronics (including Gaming accessories). We invite you to benefit from our wide network of suppliers and our extensive product knowledge.

We can provide the following sourcing services;

  • Manufacturer sourcing
  • Product sourcing
  • Price negotiation
  • Production monitoring
  • Sample development & approval

product development

Our experienced product and graphic designers can help bring your ideas to life. We can be the link between you and the manufacturer, ensuring the correct features, functions and design is applied as per your wishes.

We can provide the following Product Development services;

  • Research & Development; from concept to final approval
  • Product & Graphics design

Through our companies Funnivation, China papermill and Born Global, we can also offer ready made products or help you develop and customise products to meet your specific needs.

Please visit their web-sites for further details:

www.funnivation.com www.chinapapermill.com

QC (Quality Control) Inspection and Factory Audit

Demands and expectations from products increase day by day from end users and government organisations, as do legal requirements in terms of safety and reliability. Therefore it is critical to monitor the production process and inspect goods before shipment to ensure the products are manufactured according to agreed specifications and standards. We can also help you to ensure that you only work with reliable factories that are certified and / or can live up to your Code of Conduct requirements.

We can provide the following QC Inspection and Factory Audit services;

  • On-line inspection during production (Quality, Specifications & Quantity)
  • Before shipment inspection and container loading inspection
  • Factory audit to ensure manufacturer's Corporate Social Responsibility lives up to expectations


To ship goods from the manufacturing plant to your warehouse or directly to your customer can be troublesome and filled with risk and uncertainty. This includes everything up to the point where the goods have been safely delivered at their destination. From dealing with the suppliers / factories, consolidating goods from different suppliers, finding the best shipping route and preparing all required documents. Depending on your needs we can take over the whole process of ensuring goods are transported and loaded according to plan, or we can manage only a part of the process where our assistance is required. In short, we can act as your shipping department on your behalf, and handle all your import and export needs to and from Hong Kong, China, the rest of Asia and the world.

We can provide the following Logistic services;

  • Warehousing
  • Consolidation from different manufacturers (even if located in different parts of China)
  • Logistic planning and bookings with forwarders and carriers
  • Export documentation verification and processing


Besides operating with generic products, we have specialized in adding well known licenses to a variety of products. If you hold a license we can help you design and develop your product line. Or we may already have developed a product line under a license that you hold.

Please visit our various websites for details:

www.bornglobalproducts.com www.head-accessories.com www.funnivation.com

Representation / Business Consultation

Many companies would like to have their own personnel in the Far East, but due to high costs this will often not be cost effective. We offer various customised solutions to enable you to have a presence in Hong Kong, close to China, the 'world's factory'. With several years of experience in setting up Hong Kong trading entities, we can offer package solutions where we arrange all the practical issues in setting up your company, combined with proper reporting to the local authorities, and we can arrange consultation with a Hong Kong Certified Public Accounting firm. Alternatively we offer the possibility for you to station your own staff at our office location, or we can hire or allocate staff in our name who work entirely for you and your projects.

We can provide the following Representation / Business Consultation services;

  • Assist in product launches at international trade fairs
  • Visit trade fairs and suppliers on your behalf
  • Company and Office set up in Hong Kong
  • Office space for your staff in Hong Kong
  • Assigned and dedicated in-house staff working exclusively for you


We are distributing our own and licensed products through partnerships with local distributors in various markets, including Europe, Asia and the US. If you have a product that needs distribution we can handle the distribution for you or put you in contact with distributors around the world. We also have our own distribution company, Phildanica Distribution Company, covering the Philippine market.

We can provide the following Distribution services;

  • In house distribution of your product
  • Assist in finding the right distribution partners for your product
  • Direct distribution in the Philippine market